I’m Thinking of Ending It: A Retraction

I wrote a review of Charlie Kaufman’s latest film a week ago. I have just deleted the review from my WordPress web site. Last night my youngest son watched the film. Early this morning, very early for him since he lives on the west coast, he phoned me to discusss the film and my review. Bottom line: I missed it. I did not understand the film. We have been discussing it off and on all day. We both read different prominent reviewers. If there is any solace for me, they did not get it either.

There is no way to tell you what the film says and means without introducing spoilers. If you get it, you know you have understood it. If you watch it, read the reviews on YouTube by film critics who did get it which my son found, only afterwards. They are well done.

The film is a real donwer. But it is a great film.


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