Two More Eastern European Israeli Billionaires: Mashkevich and Rabinovich.02.05.13

Two More Eastern European Israeli Billionaires: Mashkevich and Rabinovich 02.05.13


Howard Adelman

Lev Leviev originally came from Uzbekistan. Alexander Mashkevich was born in Kyrgyzstan, lived in Kazakhstan and still commutes between there and Israel where he moved and took out citizenship in 1991. He also has homes in Belgium and London where his family reside. Unlike Leviev, who was a school dropout, Mashkevich began as an academic teaching philology and became Dean of the Faculty of Linguistics at the University of Kyrgyzstan. Further, Mashkevitch has never invested in the Israeli economy except to buy a 10,000 sq. ft. condo for his daughter for $US31 million.

With two other partners, Muslims from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, he entered into the good graces of the President of Kazakhstan, Nur Sultan Nezdabayev. When the USSR imploded, the three obtained control initially of aluminum through Khazakhstan Aluminum and, subsequently, the chromium and gas operations in Khazakistan through the Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation (ENRC). When ENRC went public at the end of 2007 when the economy had already begun to dip, it was floated on the London stock exchange for over US$10 billion to the benefit mostly of the three partners. In 2009, ENRC earned almost US$1.5 billion profit on sales of US$3.8 billion, an unheard of 40% return on sales. ENRC invests in coal and transportation companies from Eastern Europe to Africa.

Patokh Chodiev, one of his partners in ENRC, was, like Leviev, an Uzbek, but, unlike Leviev, a Muslim and a scholar who studied international law and mastered Japanese when he lived in Japan. Chodiev later established the Chodiev Group and last week, through a nephew, Orifjon Chodiev, purchased one of the small commercial banks in Khazakistan, the TAIB Bank. For insurance, Chodiev acquired Belgium citizenship in 1997. The third partner, Alijan Ibrgimov, is a Muslim Uigur born in Kyrgyzstan.

Mashkevich followed the pattern established by Leviev and Nevzlin in becoming a plutocratic leader of the Jews in the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress and supports synagogues, even though, unlike Leviev, he is not deeply religious though he plays the role of an observant Jew. Further, he is a supporter of the Braslev Hasidim rather than the Lubavitchers. In 2011, in the Savarona Affair, he was caught by the Turkish police on a very wealthy yacht with other billionaires, but primarily with another Khazakh, Taufik Arif, who lives in Turkey and also owns a metal production factory in Kazakhstan as well as many properties jointly with Donald Trump. The group has more in common with Berlesconi of Italy and purportedly enjoys the pleasures of under-aged girls. In the Turkish press, Taufik has been accused of making money through trafficking in females from Eastern Europe.

Another Eastern European billionaire, Vadim Rabinovich, plays the same game. He is president of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine which he created in 1999. He previously led the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress which he created in 1997 and dissolved in 1999 because it ostensibly was not willing to bend to his will. He is also Vice President of the European Jewish Union. He made his little fortune in the furniture business and his large fortune in the natural gas business. Like most of the plutocrats, he got in trouble with the law. As with Leonid Nevzlin, that can become a badge of honour. For much of Eastern Europe still has to learn that the rule of law does not mean using the law to rule and throw opponents in jail. However, how do we know when the accused are criminals or political victims?

In yesterday’s National Post, an article on p. A9 was headlined, “Jailing of ex-PM of Ukraine ruled rights violation”. Maria Danilova and Lori Hinnant told the story of how the current president, Viktor Yanukovych, used the judicial system as a club to keep the former president, Yulia Tymoshenko, a heroine of the 2004 pro-democracy Orange Revolution, in prison. Viktor Yanukovych, like the second president, Leonid Kuchma, advocates closer ties with Russia and was known for closing opposition papers and allegedly even having a journalist, Georgiy Gongadze, killed, the accusation that was the catalyst for the Orange Revolution. He was charged in 25 March 2011 but the case was dismissed in December of that year.

Tymoshenko, however, was sentenced to seven years for “exceeding her powers” and “negotiating a gas contract with Russia”. The European human rights court ruled unanimously that her jailing was politically rather than criminally motivated. Typically, as in the blog narrated yesterday, charges are also pending for embezzlement, tax evasion and murdering a politician and a businessman.

Rabinovich was also convicted of a variety of crimes and stripped of his citizenship for fleeing the country and taking out Israeli citizenship. The conviction was subsequently reversed and his citizenship restored. He had a criminal record from the communist period. In 1980, he was charged with stealing state property and spent nine months in jail. In 1984, he was once again arrested and that time sentenced to fourteen years in prison for black market activities but was released in 1990. He then took advantage of the opening up of the Eastern European economic system to quickly accumulate assets.

Like many other plutocrats, he is known for owning a football club, FC Arsenal Kyiv in Kiev, and for his contributions to Jewish charities. He put up the money for the restoration of the Hurva Synagogue, but when we went there to make a program for our show, “Israel Today,” the Hasidim who were given control of the synagogue would not give us access – even to see it let alone to videotape the restoration. The sign denoting the square outside the synagogue read “Vadim Rabinovich Z”L” (“may his memory be blessed”), a designation not only incorrect, since he was not dead, but completely illegal because Israeli public spaces cannot be named after people who are still alive. Public spaces in the old city must be named after people who died before 1500 AD. Rabinovich also donated a golden menorah ($US3 million) that now overlooks the Western Wall.

Two months ago, on 4 March 2013, a bomb was hurled by young man wearing a baseball cap at his car in Kiev near the Klovska metro station in Kiev but no one was hurt in the explosion. Six weeks earlier, a senior government official and famous Ukrainian businessman with close ties to the present government, Boris Podolsky Evseevich, visited his office and suggested that harm might come his way if he did not transfer his ownership of Jewish News One TV to the government within a week. JN1TV has tried to become the Jewish al Jazeera. In addition, Rabinovich-Katsman own the following newspapers: Stolychka, Stolichnye Novosti, Jewish Review (in Russian), Jewish Reviewer, Vek, Mig, and Zerkalo .

In the Ukraine there has been a noticeable rise in anti-Semitism recently, particularly with the increased representation of the far right Svoboda Party (“Freedom” in Ukrainian) in Parliament as a result of the elections in October 2012 in which they garnered over 10% of the vote. The party was expected to incite new waves of public protest to advance its social and nationalist messages. On 26 April 2013, the JTA reported that, “Marching in formation, six young men in dark jackets approach an anti-government rally in Cherkasy, a city some 125 miles southeast of Kiev. At the appointed moment, they remove their windbreakers to reveal white T-shirts emblazoned with the words ‘Beat the kikes’. Their jackets carry the name of Svoboda, the ultranationalist Ukrainian political party.” One of the men beat Victor Smal, a lawyer and human rights activist, so savagely that he is rendered barely recognizable. A website is headlined, “The French Connection: Who Controls the Ukraine?” and argues that it is the Jews. I quote generously from that site.

“In the early 1990s, backed by the financial power of international Jewish bankers, the vultures bought for pennies, and plainly seized, all major enterprises previously owned by the state, including the biggest factories and entire sectors of the newly ‘privatized’ national economy.” Four Jewish media moguls were then named and their pictures put up on the site: Gregory Surkis, Victor Medvedchuk, Vadim Rabinovich and Victor Pinchuk.

They do own many of the TV stations and newspapers in the Ukraine even though Jews constitute only .2% (103,000) of the Ukrainian population of 48 million. What is not stated is that Leonid Kuchma two term presidency was brought down largely because of that same media exposures of widespread corruption under his government.

Professor Vasyl Yaremenko, director of the Institute of Culturological and Ethnopolitical research at Kiev State University, wrote, “Ukrainians need to know that the mass media is completely in the hands of Jews, and everything that we watch or read is the product of Jewish ideology…” The site states that Leonid Kuchma, the second president of the Ukraine from 1994 to 2005 was put in office by the Jew, George Soros. The Jewish Ukrainian billionaire, Victor Pinchuk, who owns oil, gas and energy import/export companies, the nation’s largest steel mill and a chain of banks, is his son-of-law.

“Jew Victor Medvedchuk is Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma’s Chief of Staff. The Medvedchuk-Surkis cabal controls Ukraine’s energy sector (8 regional energy companies), oil and gas market, alcohol and sugar production, shipbuilding, and athletic organizations. He is a member of the Ukrainian Parliament, and a leader in the Social Democratic party of Ukraine (SDPU).” “Jew Gregory Surkis is second in command of the SDPU. He owns a soccer team, Dynamo-Kiev, and is a president of the Professional Soccer League. He is CEO of Slavutich, a company that controls several regional energy companies (KirovogradEnergo, PoltavEnergo, etc). He too is a member of the Ukrainian Parliament.” And so it goes, on and on, naming one rich Ukrainian Jew after another.

Even Hollywood enters the fray. Mila Kunis is a Hollywood actress who was born in the Ukraine and migrated to the US when she was seven. The Ukrainian legislature member, Igor Miroshnichenko, called her a “zhydovka” on his Facebook page, a derogatory term used to refer to a Jewess that has not been publicly used since the Nazi era. In the debate in the Ukraine parliament, an anti-hate bill was defeated when only 208 votes were cast for the bill and 226 were needed for it to pass.

Professor Yaremenko claimed that 136 and possibly 158 of the members of the Ukrainian parliamentary members are Jews, more than in the Israeli Knesset. Professor Yaremenko asked: “Who voted for them?” “Who paid for costly election campaigns?” Yaremenko claims that 90% of Ukrainian banks are owned by Jews. The site claims that the infamous Ukrainian famine of 1933 was organized by Jews and that 99% of PCIA members––Stalin’s secret police––were Jewish. The site ends: “We cannot allow Zionists to destroy Ukraine.”

The story ends where is has always begun – Jewish economic, political, academic, professional success is connected with a Jewish cabal and ideology intent on power and control while sucking out the life blood of other nations. Jewish business successes may be the result of varied characters and different means, but it is always connected with a Medici-like hidden hand that wants worldwide control and power.

NEXT WEEK: Machiavelli, The Prince and the Jews

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