Obama7: Economic and Cultural Conservatives 07.02.13 A Fragile Metanarrative

Today’s blog articulates the core idea that allows a disparate set of American conservatives to unite under a common brand. It suggests rather than analyzes why this uniting idea is not only a weak link among different factions, but a powerful and destructive force threatening an emerging America. There is always the danger that demonizing the other may be a myth and a projection rather than an articulation of a real threat. As I will try to show in the set of blogs I will send out next week, I believe the characterization is real and that the danger is real.

Next Week: Obama as a Black President Who Appears to Embody Whiteness


One comment on “Obama7: Economic and Cultural Conservatives 07.02.13 A Fragile Metanarrative

  1. The Obama win was supported by a massive 96% Black America voters. Did they vote for the Man Obama, or for the Democratic Party? How much of a skew in nummbers came from that anomoly?

    Then there is the electability of the “attractive” Mitt Romney. The Repblicans were not even close to being unified. Their debates were the most un-civil ( but the most watchable) in history. The rating soared, as viewers knew this was an un-civil war unfolding. Viewers (including Democrats) were enjoying a new blood sport.

    But there were surprises. 26% of the electorate are defined as “born-again or evangelical Christians.” Romney got a 4 to 1 plurality, the largest bulge for a Republican in 30 years. So much for the “cult of Mormonism” scaring off Christians. Even conservative Catholics voted high numbers for Romney.

    As for the 47% Romney gaffe filmed serreptitiously at a far right private fundraiser, the largest group within that 47% is senior citizens. They did not all vote for Obama, but split their votes evenly, likely because they are committed life-long social conservatives.

    But Howard, you are right that this election is a harbinger of the future, The Democrats under Hillary Clinton will be in the Presidential saddle until 2024. Her bent is not likely to be as conservative as was that of Bill Clinton, but the template is set. There is no obvious living Republican that will be able to overcome Hillary’s amazing electability.

    However, that story will unfold in four years. By then, the expensive social agenda of President Obama will yield economic recovery, or it seems more likely to crash on the shoals of unreachable destinations. From my tiny point of view, the failure of President Obama is going to be his war against capitalism. He sees and portrays weathy people and Corporate America as greedy pilferers of the national purse. There certainly is not one sign anywhere that says anything except that President Obama’s goal is to get that largesse shared by that 47% group of welfare beneficiaries. Winson Churchill may have said it best: “The inherint vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of he belssings.” He noted “The inherent blessings of socialsim is the equal sharing of misery.” Will the four years of misery be the Obama legacy? Not if you are in the 47% grouping. By that time the national debt clock will be $21,000,000,000,000, far too heavy a load to carry to hell in a handbasket.

    The new Cabinet being sworn in are pretty dim lights compared to those shining stars exiting from Obama’s term one team. The ship’s Captain has a motley crew, but not anyone seems qualified to act as First Mate. Apponting his former Chief of Staff as Treasury Secretary is a signpost that the Captain is not going to be upstaged by any stars like Hillary Clinton and Tim Geithner.

    God, help America!

    Howard; your work is astonishingly readable. My complaint is that I am spending too much time reading your wonderful essays. Then I trhought of Nancy, and wondered how much time you are spending with her, as one cannot hug a blog.

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