New Israel

The Israeli election represented change with the upsurge of Naftali Bennett’s Habayit
Heyehudi and Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid getting over 25% of the seats in the Knesset. I
suggest that the shift is a foretaste of a more radical shift not only in Israeli political
life but in Israeli society than simply a political shift in the country’s fiscal and social
priorities and the promised changes Lapid made about education.

Howard Glick (an American who settled in a northern Israeli Yishuv called Eschar with
a very mixed community of Israelis and migrants, a very wide variety of professionals,
religious and non-religious) reported on his Blog (Deganit Glick) the following voting
results from his Yishuv:

Labor Party –
Jewish Home – 23.7%
Yesh Atid
Likud-Beitenu – 12.9%
Meretz – 4.7%
Am Shalem – 3.3%
Hatnuah – 2.8%
Hadash – 1.1%
Eretz Hadasha – 1.1%
Otzma LeYisrael – 1.1%
Shas – 0.8%
Ale Yarok – 0.8%
Koah LeHashpi’a –
Dor – 0.3%
United Torah Judaism – 0.3%

What is remarkable is that, with such a right-left split in the community, their
commitment to mutual respect and pluralism holds up. I think this is an adumbration
of the most important revolution Israel is undergoing, from not listening and constant
confrontation to hearing the other, listening and civility without eliminating differences.

My own view is that the votes in this northern Yishuv reflected more the emerging Israel
which is reinventing itself as concerned with respect, honesty, transparency, and not with
religious or ideological divisions since Bennett included secularists and Lapid included
the religious in their respective Lists.

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